Easter 2017 Onboard Ardea

Hej och glad påsk allihopa!!! Today we are celebrating “Påskafton” or the evening before Easter Sunday here in Falkenberg, Sweden.
It has been over a week now since we arrive here at Falk Varv. Our home, M.T. Ardea is doing it 5th-year major drydock.

Easter 2017 Onboard Ardea
Easter 2017 Onboard Ardea
Photo by Nino Almendra

Aside from Easter, I will remember this day as my 1st day off since I started working at sea. I can’t thank enough our Superintendent, Sarah, for giving me this chance to have a break.
I think companies should consider hiring more female Superintendent, they prepare a good plan, handle multi-tasking pretty well and last but not least, they have a motherly instinct in taking care of their crew.

Easter 2017 Onboard Ardea
The Major @ KappAhl – Kronan Shopping, Falkenberg, Sweden.

A few days ago, Sarah informs me of her plan for “Påskafton”- Saturday’s dinner. So I prepare just enough meal for lunch for Sarah is bringing a dinner buffet. Lucky me, I was free to go ashore and stroll the centrum of Falkenberg.
I was video calling with my family back in the Philippines for them to join my stroll. It was an experience but the weather is a bit lousy, cold and wet.

I bought a pair of leather winter gloves, a bunch of new working socks and some make-up set for my eldest daughter. Then I head back home to Ardea, which only took me 14 minutes from ICA Kvantum, Falkenberg.

I arrive just a few seconds before 16:30. Just in time to prepare the foods that Sarah had brought us for dinner. She ordered for 30pax, which is more than enough for us 20 persons.

Easter 2017 Onboard Ardea

IEaster 2017 Onboard ArdeaI and Sarah make the table set up and take a quick selfie! =)

Easter 2017 Onboard Ardea

I can’t say the names of all the foods but all of them are really good taste, and that what really matters.

Easter 2017 Onboard Ardea
Ardea crew Easter @ Drydock 2017

From left front row; The Major, 2/Engr. Palacao, Chiefmate Valerij, Captain Ruslan, A/B Ryan, Pumpman Ariel, Chief/Engr. Vitale, A/B John, A/B Bernard

Back row from left; Fitter Suslins, 2nd/Officer, Technical Superintendent Sarah, Motorman Micko, Electrician Minoo, 3rd/mate Mark. {Ashore 4/Engr. Andrew, not in the photo}

Now on with the Easter celebrations…

Easter 2017 Onboard Ardea

Easter 2017 Onboard Ardea

Easter 2017 Onboard Ardea

Easter 2017 Onboard Ardea

Enjoy your meal !!! 🙂

Thanks a lot for spending your precious time on my blog and wish you have

a happy Easter and a beautiful spring…

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    • Hello, Deblet! Nice to see you again. I’ve been busy at work almost no time to blog. Yeah, It was a good break from my everyday routine.
      Hope you had a great Easter too.
      Thanks for stopping by, take care!!!


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