Christmas 2016 Onboard Ardea

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Wish you had a blast! =)

And finally the most awaited time of the year is finally here.

The day that we Cooks-Onboard will showcase our best creation for the Birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would like to thank our Creator from up-above for answering all my prayers to make this event happen succesfully. For the very nice weather in this very special day!

And to all my collegue who help Me prepare for this party. To my wife and family who never stop believing in everything I do.

To God be all the glory…

Christmas 2016 Onboard Ardea
The Officers and Crew of M.T. Ardea (Winter Class 2016) From left to right; Me – El Jepe =) , Pumpman Aneser, 2nd/mate Sherwin, A/B Mark, A/B Vince, 2nd/engineer Viktors, 3rd/mate Resell, Motorman Levs, Capt. Vlad, A/B Rodel, Chief/engineer Aldrin. {Chief/mate Valerij, not in the photo, on Bridge Watch Duty}

Behind the scene before the Christmas Party

Christmas 2016 Onboard Ardea

Christmas 2016 Onboard Ardea

Christmas 2016 Onboard Ardea

Ardea Christmas Party 2016
Party starts at 20:00 hrs. Saturday Dec.24, 2016
Location: Anchored near Gravesend, United Kingdom

Cold and Warm Starters;
-Festival Ham
-Peppered Salami
-Spanish Jamon Serrano
-Smoked Pink Salmon
-Yellow Fin Tuna Kinilaw
-Fresh Green Salad
-Russian Potato Salad

-Seafood Pancit Canton
-Moresqueta Fried Rice

Cheese Board;
-Blue Cheese

Bread Basket;
-Challah bread
-Swiss Zopf bread
-French Baguettes
-Mini-Swiss Zopf buns

-Dark Chocolate Holiday Cup Cakes
-Christmas Scones

Main Course;
-Lechon de Medya
-Lechon Ganza

-Christmas Tower Cake
-Red Velvet Christmas Tree Cup Cakes
-English Christmas Pudding
-Christmas Fruit Cake

Holiday Goodies;
-Assorted Nuts in a Bowl
-Assorted Candies
-Kitkat and Snickers Chocolates

Prepping Our Christmas Buffet Table 

Let the Party Begins… Yay!!!

Need I say more? This Christmas is a blast!!! =)

Christmas 2016 Onboard Ardea
Christmas 2016 Onboard Ardea Photo by Nino Almendra
Christmas 2016 Onboard Ardea
Christmas 2016 Onboard Ardea
Please Trust Us, We Might Look Insane But We Do Transfer Your Cargo Safely and Efficiently. =)

Thanks alot for spending your precious time on my blog on a very busy season. Wish you all the best this Christmas!!!

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