Life Onshore Hafnarfjörður

Hello Everyone!!! And finally we are back in Iceland, for the 2nd time, now onboard Ardea.
On our first visit here at Hafnarfjörður I didn’t had the chance to go ashore because we came alongside quite late already.

And this is the only port in Iceland which has FREE INTERNET access, and they have a fast and strong connection, even you are inside your cabin.
Since we lost our ship’s internet connectivity a day before we reach Akureyri, this is a great chance to go online again and connect with my family back at home.

But now we got lucky or at least only Me, for I’m the only one who gone ashore. We got berthed around 17:00hours(Ship-time) which is perfect this time of the year. Iceland local time is an hour behind our ship’s time.
Sunlight is still bright, wind is calm and warm. The Shutterbug side of Me is very excited to go ashore asap and the Major side of Me is working as
hell so He can join and check the Life Onshore.

As soon as everyone is done with their dinner, I clear my galley, hang my apron and grab my camera and I was gone in no time.
Its quite hard to quantify the adrenalin rush in my vein when ever I am going ashore with my camera, I can feel the rush of my blood in
and out of my heart then pumped straight into my brain. My brain works like Lucy, gathering every single portrait, landscape, seascape and cityscape along the way.
Analysis every details if its worth it to stop and take a shot. My bike was running so fast that I can clearly hear the whoosing of the air passing through my face.
I was like a treasure hunter rushing to find gold before sun goes down. I was chasing the sun light, I leave my tripod onboard because I want to travel lite.
I can shoot as much as I can while the sun doesn’t set. The sun is my que to go back, my universal alarm. The sun sets, the street lights lit up, that my signal to go back home onboard.
Ever since I was small, thats my que to go home. As a kid you don’t have the luxury of having a wristwatch, my mom use to tell me, ‘when you see the street lights are on, go home immediately!’

For now I still have a lot of time, my pleasure time…..

Life Onshore Hafnarfjörður
Life Onshore Hafnarfjörður
Photo by Nino Almendra

Now on with the walking and shooting…

Life Onshore Hafnarfjörður

My Lolo once told me,

‘Rough roads goes to the farms and smooth roads leads you to the city.’

Life Onshore Hafnarfjörður
The Streets of Hafnarfjörður

Inside the hidden garden of the hotel, stands a wooden statue of what it looks like to me is one of an ancient gods. I had read a book about Icelanders, it has been said that before Christianity was introduce to Iceland, from 875-A.D. to 1000-A.D. they use to have pagan beliefs. Icelanders worship fertility gods FRETY, who os often depicted with an extra large penis.

Life Onshore Hafnarfjörður
My guess, this is a statue of FREYR, a fertility god with a very large penis.
Photo by Nino Almendra
Life Onshore Hafnarfjörður
The Major meets an Icelander.
Photo by Nino Almendra

Hafnarfjörður has got a SUBWAY, but I’m still out of luck in finding a PAPA JOHN’S Pizza(‘Walter Mitty says Iceland has got Papa John’s’) And a Starbucks coffee shop.

Life Onshore Hafnarfjörður
Subway @ Hafnarfjörður
Photo by Nino Almendra

Ardea on the other side of the port, patiently waiting for my return…

Life Onshore Hafnarfjörður
M.T. Ardea @ Hafnarfjörður
Photo by Nino Almendra

Thanks alot for spending your precious time on my blog and hope this post

encourage you to visit Hafnarfjörður on your next visit to Iceland.

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