Life Onshore Akureyri

Hello, Everyone!!! I cannot explain how we survive the extremely bad weather from the day we depart Nynäshamn up to this point in Akureyri, Iceland. Finally, we are relieved and life is back to normal, at least for at few hours. For we need to discharge are the first parcel of our cargo as fast as we can to avoid the incoming low pressure. Icelandic weather is quite harsh this time of the year. The weather forecast shows 3 low pressure surrounding the island, this must be hell on earth!

For now,  everything was clear and sound, the calm before the storm. A warning before the tragedy, giving us enough time to secure everything moveable that may fall or break during the heavy rolling of the ship. Our vessel “M.T. Mergus” has a length overall of 99.9 meters, the smallest vessel I ever had. The biggest was “T/T Sea Giant” 5th largest ship in the world. Its length overall was 414.22 meters which can carry a whopping 4-million barrels of crude oil. It is like a floating island, but she still rolls during bad weather.  Comparatively, “Mergus” while rolls 4-times worst than “Sea Giant” on a rocky weather.

Life Onshore Akureyri
Life Onshore Akureyri
Photo by Nino Almendra

Now on with the walking and shooting…

Life Onshore Akureyri

Upon seeing land after several days of vast ocean horizon, I felt excited. This is a new found place in my journey, a Eureka moment of an explorer. I just can’t wait for Mergus to come alongside.

Life Onshore Akureyri
Pilot boat alongside Mergus

The passage from the pilot station to berthing was short and quick.

Mergus was all fast before first light.

Life Onshore Akureyri
Life Onshore Akureyri
Photo by Nino Almendra

All around was white, at least a foot high of fresh virgin snow piled up on unploughed areas.

I put on as much clothes as possible. I’m an asian, the coldest temperature in my hometown Binan was around +21’C. While here in Akureyri is exactly the opposite, the temperature is -21.6’C, this is more colder than our deep freezer which somewhere around -18 to -20’C.

Just few step outside of our terminal was a graveyard of heavy equipments. They must be laying here for quite some time. It might be more expensive to transport this equipment to a scrapyard than the actual scrap price, presumably. I head up hill, walking on the opposite direction trying to keep on eye on the passing trucks going to the port area.

Just a bit over the hill is what seems to be a small town. There must be a centrum here some where. Akureyri is a northern city, the second largest of Iceland after Reykjavik. It’s nicknamed as the ‘Capital of North Iceland’. 

In  1941, Sigurður Hjartarson was born here in Akureyri. Hjartarson is one of the most iconic person of the Icelandic(k) community, he will be for ever known as the guy who collects penises and the owner of The Icelandic Phallological Museum.

They got a lot of used cars of all types and just across the street is a show room of Toyota Akureyri.

A few minutes walk leads me to a wider roads that might lead to their city center. But I don’t have time to go any further, my 6o minutes midday break was about to expire. Now its time to go back home on board. That’s all for now… I’ll keep you posted whenever I got teh chance to go back here in Akureyri.

And now back again on board, pilot’s on board and we are ready to sail again.

Next stop Hafnarfjörður…

Thanks a lot for spending your precious time on my blog and hope this post

encourage you to visit Akureyri on your next visit to Iceland.

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