Christmas Onboard Mergus

Christmas is one of the longest day to all the Cooks and stewards working Onboard ships.
It takes a lot of advance preparations to make such an event onboard.
I was really fortunate to always have a good weather and smooth sea in all my Christmas Party onboard.
And today, I got a very nice Christmas provisions and a very helpful collegues which made my job more easier.
And to you who are reading this blog right now, thank you for stopping by and joining us on this very special day!

Here’s our way of saying Thank You to our Creator on His special day!!!

Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014
The Officers and Crew of M.T. Mergus (Winter Class 2014) From left to right; Me, A/B Bernard, Mtm Boss Mike, Chiefmate Valerij, Chief Engineer Boss Gary, Capt. Sergey “Bratan”, Pumpman Ogie, A/B Alvin, A/B Ramil, 2nd Engineer Rey and 2nd Officer Jay. {3rd/mate Dexter, not in the photo, on Bridge Watch Duty}

Behind the scene before the Christmas Party

Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014
Dec 23, 2014 – Nynashamn, Sweden.
Thanks to our Captain, Cheif Engineer and Pumpman for helping me do some shopping for our Christmas celebration.
Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014
It is quite a long way home back to our ship, Mergus.
That’s our simple Seaman’s Life! =)

Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014

Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014

Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014

Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014

Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014

Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014

Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014


Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014

Mergus christmas Party 2014
Party starts at 20:00 hrs. Wednesday Dec.24, 2014

Cold Starters;
-Festival Smoked Ham
-Smoked Pink Salmon
-Red and Black Caviar
-Yellow Fin Tuna Kinilaw
-Fresh Green Salad
-Russian Potato Salad

Warm Starters;
-Baked Macaroni
-Lumpiang Shanghai(Meat Springrolls)

Cheese Board;
-Queso de Bola

Bread Basket;
-Challah bread
-Fancy rolls
-Swiss Zopf bread

-Banana Cup Cakes
-Cinnamon Rolls

Main Course;
-Lechon de Leche
-Roast Duck
-Halabos na Hipon
-Fried Rice

-Christmas Cake
-Fresh Fruit Salad*
-Leche Flan*
-Fruit Jelly*

Holiday Goodies;
-Assorted Nuts in a Bowl
-Mackintosh Candies
-Assorted Marabou Chocolates

Prepping Our Christmas Buffet Table 

Let the Party Begins… Yay!!!

Our Captain have shared some prizes for parlor games while our very own Chief/Engineer is really good in hosting our party.

I really can’t ask for more, this is indeed the Best Christmas Onboard Ever!!!

Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014
Christmas Onboard Mergus 2014
Please Trust Us, We Might Look Weird But We Do Transfer Your Cargo Safely and Efficiently. =)

Thanks alot for spending your precious time on my blog and wish you all

a Merry, Merry Christmas a Happiest New Year!!! =)

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