5 Days Black and White Photo Challenge

Last week I was nominated by my best friend, Rico Angelo, to participate in the “5 Days Black and White Photo Challenge”. The rule is plain and simple. Post a black and white photo daily for 5days. Nominate a friend each day you post. At least that’s all I know about the challenge rules.

I really like to participate and shoot new photo each day for the challenge but weather did not permit me to do so. Since we depart last monday from Tee’s, England all we had was nasty bad ass weather. We only had a nice day after we reach Goteborg, Sweden just yesterday. So, I decided to post some of my previous photos that I take from Falkenberg, Sweden.

I love cooking as much as I love photography. Rico Angelo convince me to buy an entry level dslr to begin learning. Then I was introduced to a group of Filipino photographers based in L.A. California. I must say I really learn alot from them.

As I got excited to this new found love, one day I stumble to Danny Santos website. He got a great collection of portraits of strangers in Singapore. I was so amazed of his images that I decided to make a personal project and try doing it in Sweden. I was lucky to get the chance during our ship’s dry dock at Falkenberg, Sweden. I was juggling my time from cooking for my crew the whole day, shooting portraits of strangers on shore after work and spending a couple of hours at night to chat with my wife to keep our long distance relationship alive. It was crazy but I love it.

It is my very first attempt in shooting strangers on the street. It is also my chance to conquer my fear of rejection. Luckily, Falkenberg has a lot of friendly strangers. I got some few rejection but most of the strangers that I approach are willing to take part to my project. It took me 2 weeks to complete my 21 strangers, not bad ha!

I’ll be sharing 5 of them for this photo challenge.

5 Days Black and White Photo Challenge Photo by Nino Almendra
5 Days Black and White Photo Challenge
Photo by Nino Almendra


INGRID Stranger #1
Stranger #1

I found Ingrid outside a nursing home enjoying her afternoon smoke break.

She saw me taking photos of  benches and ask what I am doing.

I told her that I’m collecting photos of different type of benches.

I then ask to take a picture of her. She didn’t hesitate and give me a quick nod with a grin on her face.

She was so natural in front of my camera, It only take me few shots to get the right image that I want.

After a couple of days, I came back to gave her a copy of this image. She was so happy to have it but I’m more happier deep inside. That’s the beauty of photography!


Alicia with her pet Lizzie Stranger #4
Alicia with her pet Lizzie
Stranger #4

Alicia was a bit confused when I approach her.

I need to explain her my project and tell her that it will only take a few minutes of time.

And I add that I will also include her pet Lizzie in the photo, only then I got her to agree.


Mikael Stranger #21
Stranger #21

One of the coolest guy I approach in Falkenberg.

He was roaming around the centrum with two of his friend when I ask him to take his photo.


Hanna Stranger #10
Stranger #10

I was biking along the river side of Falkenberg when I saw Hanna and Mia(Stranger#9)

I was hunting for my next stranger. I stop and gather enough guts to approach them.

Hanna didn’t saw a thing but Mia was so kind to agree to complete my project.


Anna Stranger #6
Stranger #6

I first met Anna on a sporting apparel store but didn’t recognize her when I approach her to participate on my project.

She remind me that we already met before at the store.

And that makes it easy for me to convince her to take her photo.

And that’s my 5 Days Black and White Photo Challenge!

I must say that my first personal photo project was a big success.

Although, my wife was so jealous after she found out about the project.

But now she already understand that this is my passion. And I love her more!

I gain a lot of self confidence after I finished the project.

And I am willing to do it again when time permits.

Thanks alot for spending your precious time on my blog and hope this project

encourage you to try shooting some photos of a stranger in the street.

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    • Yes, suddenly I ask myself! What the hell a cook is doing outside and shooting portrait of a stranger? Hahahaha, I really don’t know why, but I love it. =)
      Thank you Diahann for your kind feedback.


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