iCookonboard turns 1, Yay!

Time flies so fast in the Blogosphere, I can’t believe it was already a year ago!

iCookonboard 1st Blogganniversary Cupcake-001One thing is for sure, the last 12 months was a dream come true. I always wish I can go back time to the day when I was a kid, and it did! One day I woke up to a whole new world where I don’t really know a single thing about it.

Suddenly I was a kid again, learning new things every single day. It’s like I was left in a small boat adrift in the middle of the ocean, I don’t even know if there is other people outside of it.

Then I started to shout, one post at a time. Nobody hears it but I don’t care! I was so consumed with the new things I’ve been learning in my new found home.I was jaggling between my twelve hour daily day job and my new found passion.

I was so amused with the new  portal inside my cabin. One by one, somebody started to hear me. They start to read the things that I wrote in a piece of a tablet hanging inside my cabin. They came even when I’m sleeping, quietly viewing my cooking formulas. I’d love to woke up with a cabin full of notes of encouragement, it’s like a breeze of fresh air!  

iCookonboard on a small boat-001

There is a very long list of friends and love ones I would like to say Thanks…

To my Wife Thets, for never getting tired of supporting my endeavors. To my 3 kids, for always inspiring me to do better in life.

To my MOM “mommy Bing” for all the cooking passion that I inherited from your genes.

To Chief Engineer Gary Lano, for giving me the IDEA of starting this blog. “Thanks, Bossing!”

To Colo Caymo, for teaching me how to use my 1st camera. And to FRAME 21 family of L.A. & Manila

To Crewchart Shipmngt. of Sweden & Scanmar Manila, for providing all my ingredients and equipments. “They’re so good, I get paid while I play onboard!” 

To Brian Martinez, for all the web hosting advice and assistance.

To Dong Salvar, for making my Blog Logo.


Community that has been part of iCookonboard.com

Thank you WordPress.com, for Hosting my blog since day 1 and reminding me it’s already a year ago. 

Wordpress Greeting on iCookonboard 1st Blogganniversary

– Taste buds by Beth Celis on Facebook, for featuring some of my recipes

– Good Day Coffee Philippines on Facebook, for featuring my Coconut Macaroons and making me the “Blooger of the Week” for the 1st week of April 2014.

– Kusina Master Recipes on Facebook and on the Web, for featuring some of my recipes.

– Food Planet on Facebook and on the Web, for featuring some of my recipes.


My Cooking Heroes:

– My Lolo Batman “Juan Almendra”, He’s our Grand Master Chef! I dream to cook like him at age 5.

– My Mommy Bing, she taught me how to bake. Dark Chocolate cake is the very first cake that I bake and is still making hits onboard.

– My Papa Pompeng “Panfilo Almendra”, he’s my Dad. He’s a butcher by trade, I learn a lot of butchering technics from him and some odd foods that most of you never had tasted. They’re all taste so good but it doesn’t look or sound healthy at all.

– Chef Ronnie Legaspi, a Filipino merchant navy cook that teached me how to cook onboard. Very big influence into my cooking.

– Chef Wiberg Hasse, a Swedish merchant navy cook that teached me how to cook Swedish Cuisine.

– All my colleagues onboard who teached me their own way of cooking, I learn a lot from all of them.


My co-Bloggers: This one is even a longer list…

Imogen K Salzman of the Daysechain for some personal advice.

Diahann Reyes of the Stories from the belly for the good articles that she published on her blog which boost up my courage in writing the things I really like to say.

Maiu and Rob of the Torontocooks.com  for nominating me for a Liebster Blog Award.

Kevil S. of the Food is my Zen for making a post especially for me. Thank You!

Sally of the Sallys Baking Addiction for all the blogging tips and links.

– Serena of the Foodfulife for all the Italian goodness and a lot of Photography inspirations.

Angie of the The Novice Gardener for never getting tired of Hosting a weekly Fiesta Friday Party. You’re such a sweet, talented and nice person!

Mary Jaksch of the Write to done for helping me digest that I’m already a Writer. In just one powerful sayings; “A writer writes.” 

David of the Strobist for the Strobe Lighting technics. He really knows how to light!

-This is not yet the complete list, but I also need to rest for tomorrow’s day job. I need to take care of my work onboard for this blog is all about my day job. One last thing to consider, if I follow your blog, that means you inspires me by way of your writing!

kiponblogging! =)


  1. Congratulations Nino!! I feel honored to be mentioned on your list with the other bloggers, thank you so much! It’s a pleasure to follow your adventures on board and all your wonderful recipes!!


  2. Happy blog-anniversary! Without a doubt you are a writer. I get hungry for the Philippines just reading your blog sometimes 🙂

    I’m honored to be included in your list above. It is my pleasure to inspire. Thank you also for feeding me with your stories and food here.

    Congrats, Nino!


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