How to Plant Mint Onboard?

Everyday I cook onboard. That’s my day job! At night I’m a lover, a runner and a writer. But in the future I want to be farmer. Each and every meal onboard everybody says “thank you” to me for the food that I serve. I think what I did was just the easy part, I can cook from few minutes upto an hour. Farmer’s should be the first tobe appreciated for every food that with have on the table.

How to Plant Mint Onboard Day 17-3291

Sad but true, Pinoy farmers are getting poorer and poorer. Wish PNoy can feel it.

How to Plant Mint Onboard Day 11-2881

Anyway, I just want to wrap-up this very successful month with an experiment. I try to plant Mint onboard without any knowledge of what I’m doing and let’s see at the end if we can really grow Mint onboard or it is just a fantasy?

Our Food Catering company is so generous to supply us with a plethora of Mints.

One Full Box of Fresh Mint from Belgium =)
One Full Box of Fresh Mint from Belgium =)

There’s no way myself and the rest of crew can consume all of this mint before it start to wither. Planting is the only solution I know to always have it fresh inside my galley. And there is a special reason why I always want to keep it handy onboard. 😉 I’ll share it to you before I end this post.

Since one of my dream is to be a farmer, maybe I can start my career onboard right now! There’s only one problem, soil is not easily found in the water world. So I need to settle with small pot and sandy soil from our previous port of call.


Planting Mint by the Stem

I plant the stem of mint 3inches deep and keep the soil moist at all time, I water them once a day. Onboard, these mints are the first thing I greet “Buenas Dias” every morning and talk to them too for atleast a couple of minutes. Talking to them is far better than talking to myself, atleast there’s no chance that they will reply stupid things back to me.

Week One 

*These mints really makes me excited again to get up and run to the galley every morning. Can’t wait to see them grow into bushes.

Week Two

*You can see on the “Day 10 photo by the window”, you can notice the pot of mint  is sitting on a white thin mat{which we call, a non-skid matting} to avoid the pot from rolling during rough weather. That’s the main difference and the most important thing to keep in mind when you are growing a plant onboard. Keep your plant secure at all times!

Week Three {Transplanting mints to seperate pots}

 Week Four

 Harvesting and Storing Mints


Now, here’s my little secret why I need to plant Mints Onboard. Have you ever wonder why they top your dessert with a pair of Mints? Of course this is not a compliments, the restaurant owner is just concern about losing their other customers.

How to Plant Mint Onboard-1516

Restaurants often offer mints to their patrons after a meal.
This is an old tradition geared to reducing the chance of untoward gaseous emissions.
Gas builds up in the intestine in various ways. Air can be swallowed.
Carbon dioxide can be produced when the acid contents of the stomach mix with
naturally occurring bicarbonate in the small bowel. Hydrogen and methane along with
some odiferous sulfur compounds are produced by the action of bacteria on indigestible
food components in the large intestine. The bottom line is that if there is a build up of gas,
it has to come out one way or another. Peppermint contains natural oils that act as a “carminative,”
meaning that they allow sphincter muscles to relax so that gases can be expelled steadily
rather than in powerful explosive bursts.

 Today is Friday! Maybe this day is not working so well and you’re to damn busy with your job or maybe you have a very close friend who was bitten by Luis Suarez. Fret not, I’m here to  put a smile on your face.

These Funny Fart Quotes is a very effective stress reliever.



Thanks alot for spending your precious time on my blog and hope this idea

encourage youto try growing your own mint onboard or at home.

Have you heard of Fiesta Friday? It’s happening everywhere!!! I mean EVERYWHERE!!!

All Bloggers are welcome to join the party, it is hosted by

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Come All You Party People!!!


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  1. I’m late to this post but just wanted to say how admirable I think it is that you’re trying to grow mint on board. I will be super impressed if you could one day start an entire garden there. You should consult my mom – she can grow anything!


    • Hi Noony,
      Thanks for visiting! Right now, I have 3 Bell Pepper plant (2 of them has a Red Bell Pepper fruit each), 2 Lemongrass plant, 2 pots of mint. All of them are inside my cabin. 🙂
      Love to wake up every morning to greet these plants!
      Maybe you can post some photos of your Moms garden, I would like to get some idea from her.


      • That sounds impressive! My mom has a lot more space than you do, so it’s not really fair to compare. I actually wrote a post about her garden but don’t want to use your comment section to promote my own blog. 🙂


  2. I enjoyed reading your experiment with mint. I have an apartment and I am always growing plants indoor, especially herbs. I think mint is one of the more resilient herbs. But I didn’t know you could plant it with the store bought stems. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I did not know all this about Mint …interesting. I have always wanted to grow them and other herbs etc. Love your funnies at the end …and your comment about Luis Suarez …haha! 😉


  4. Hi Nino, fab post! Great photos of your growing plant and I love the fart jokes, they appeal to us in this house!!! And that’s why I always keep into handy! Thank you for joining this weeks party ☺️☺️


  5. I used to do something similar in my dorm room while in college. Except, of course, being truly novice, then, I planted sprigs of parsley. And if you knew about parsley, they don’t grow from stem cuttings, DUH! I was more successful with pea seeds. They grew long and gangly, and no peas! I still enjoyed watching them grow, though. I love your progression photos. 🙂


    • Thanks Angie, It was my try to plant something and I’m really sure it is not the last.
      Thanks for reading and Happy Fiesta Friday to you. I enjoyed your Farmer’s Omelet !


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