Are Pre-cut Onions Poisonous?

Are Pre-cut Onions Poisonous? There is no scientific evidence that a cut raw onion absorbs germs or rids the air of toxins/poisons. So you don’t need to worry anymore, stored pre-cut onions are safe to eat.

Peeled, chopped or sliced onions can be stored in a sealed container in your refrigerator at the proper temperature of 40°F/4°C or below for 7 days (Source: USDA).

Properly wrap whole peeled onions before storing inside the refrigerator.
Properly wrap whole peeled onions before storing inside the refrigerator.

A widely circulated claim states uncooked, leftover onions are ‘poisonous’ because they’re ‘a huge magnet for bacteria,’ thus likely to spoilage.

This claim stems from a blog post that dates back to March 2008. While the original post was removed from the internet in 2009, part of that post continues to circulate the internet.

Complete story HERE!

An article circulating on the Internet claims cut onions and potatoes are responsible for
more food poisoning than spoiled mayonnaise. Sarah McCann wrote the article under the
pen name Zola Gorgon. The article was posted in March, 2008 at McCann’s website after she toured Mullins Food Products facility.

There is not any scientific basis that cut onions are a magnet for bacteria. According to
the Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia, juice released from cut onion is
known to kill or inhibit the growth of several types of microorganisms, including some
capable of causing human illnesses. Reference;

Viral health tip claiming instant relief of illness by simply placing a slice of raw onion on your feet.

“Another False Claim to Create Media Hype!”

This photo might look familiar to you? Of course, at one point we all believe in this health tip.
This photo might look familiar to you? Of course, at one point we all believe in this health tip.

Here’s what the “UNKNOWN AUTHOR” want us to believed…

“Raw ONION on bottom of the feet to take away illness. During the night, I started feeling good.
I mean really good! I felt tingly, like my blood was being cleansed (it was). It was so cool!
My bedroom smells like a casserole, but it was totally worth it!” {AUTHOR’S NAME:HAPPY MOM}

But, the claims in the message are nonsense. Strapping onion to your feet will likely make you look foolish. However, there is not a shred of credible evidence to support claims it will take away any illnesses, cleanse your blood, or remove toxins and bacteria from your body. Reference;

Some of you may ASK WHY? What do they gain for spreading false information that has caused a great deal of concern to the general public? 

Every Website or Blog is vying for only one thing, Traffic! Hell yeah, that includes me. We work hard and squeeze our creative juices up to the last drop just to keep the Traffic flowing. I can’t say that spreading wrong information on the web is right, but it is always the reader’s job to investigate for the truth behind the story.

Here’s some guidelines to spot Website/Blog that are spreading HOAX articles and satirical stories:

1.) Affiliate marketing blogs:
Blogs with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs and get-rich-quick schemes
(“Make six figures from home!!”, “20 easy steps to top profits!!”, Earn Money while using Facebook, etc).

2.) Multi-level marketing (MLM) blogs and pyramid schemes.

3.) And lastly, ” If you are in doubt, ask GOOGLE! “



Different Types of Onions 

Types of Onions-9142-001

How to Peel and Cut Onions with Less Tears???

To reduce tearing when cutting onions, first chill the onions for 30 minutes. Then, cut off the top and peel the outer layers leaving the root end intact. (The root end has the highest concentration of sulphuric compounds that make your eyes tear.)

But this photo below is a sure stress reliever, lol! =)

A smart way to cut onions ;)
A smart way to cut onions 😉

Onions are Hopeless Romantic too…

Onions in Relationship-9149-001

And Finally, Its already end of May and next week is another school year for my 3 kiddos.

With all the school expenses and new stuff for all my kids, I can’t help but cry whenever I check on my wallet.

Tis’ to all ye hard working dads out there…

Wallet likes an onion

 Thanks alot for spending your precious time on my blog and hope you spread the word along to your family and friends that onions can be enjoyed when handled properly.


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  1. I always cut onion in half and store the other half in a cling wrap and also use it in few days. But cutting without tears? I should get myself a helmet. 😀 Thanks for sharing, Nino. 🙂


  2. This is a wonderful article, after reading the circulated article on pre cut onions, my hubby would never let me put any unused onions in the fridge. Now I have to show him your article 🙂


    • Please do share it to your hubby and all your friends. The “Precut Onion Article” is one of the most poisonous article ever circulated on the web.
      Thank you for stopping by, Malar!


  3. Really good post Nino. I know so many people who have or still do believe this lie. I really like how you presented your research. Really well down. I shared it on Facebook. That shows you how much I appreciate it. I never share stuff like this on there.


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