image Life Onboard Ardea


Although sailors are known for being hard workers and strict when it comes to craftmanship, we are also funny and lite hearted persons. We laugh almost every time we meet each others, during coffee breaks, meal times or even while working.
Life isn’t easy onboard, dealing with worst weather condition, long distance relationship with our family and work related pressure stress. But we always have time to smile and make funny jokes.
Each and every crew onboard have their own story to tell, most of it is sad. I got alot of it on both of my shoulders, but thats life! I always think that somebody on the other side of the world is having bigger problems than myself, thats enough to keep me thankful for my situation and leave all my troubles behind my cabin. I never bring it at work, it is not safe!!!
I guess we all just wear a smiley face to camouflage our weary hearts. And we all just smile and laugh on each others. Here onboard, laughter is free. We work, we play and we laugh like its our job.
Big thanks to my Captain onboard, he always print and hung a funny story every friday.
That’s all for now folks, I also need to keep the love flowing between Me and My Wife’s long distance relationship. Keep in mind,”Laughter is still the best Medicine”. Cheers!!!


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